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How many salespeople be supposed to i hire? - sales-management


One of the most asked questions I get is how many sales associates does it take to get the revenue figures needed. Personally, I deem in large sales military as in decidedly competitive situations the biggest army wins. That doesn't mean, however, that you can go out and hire 100 sales associates if all you can probably sell this year is a million dollars if the lot goes right. So how do you choose how large a staff you need?

The first thing to do is to ascertain how much revenue you want. I say want as your acquaint with staff is in receipt of you what you have and will be only able to grow so much. But if you want to amplify or triple your sales you will have to augment the come to of citizens selling. It's just a fact of life. So let's say you are billing $2. 5 million and want that to grow to $4 million. Your archetypal sales compensation is 10% administration so your aptitude agency pool will be $400,000. Next ascertain what the be around sales anyone in your affair must make. One rule of thumb I've used for new sellers is compensation for a 2 year expert just opening out. Let's say $55,000 per year. Well in-between your agency pool ($400,000) by your compensation affect ($55,000) would tell you that you need 7 sellers on staff to get to $4 million. What's that you say? You only have 4 sellers and they are construction a diminutive more than $55,000? That's right and that's why you are doing $2. 5 million. And you will do $2. 5 million give or take a few hundred thousand until you hire those extra 3 salespeople.

Of course, the figures given here are for exemplar only and may be different in your situation. We can compute the come to of sellers in just about every business, however, so call me if you want to argue your particulars.

Now how much do you want to sell? We can determine that too but I'll save that for a further column.

Mike Shannon is the owner of Shamrock Big business Coaching, a instruction apply that helps affair owners become more intense profits. You can visit Shamrock Affair Education on the web at: http://www. ShamrockCoaching. com.

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