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Many sales meetings are boring and a waste of salespeople's time, say the adulthood of salespeople I interview. A assess of what's going on in the advertise is good to know, but to be effective, sales meetings need to be a lot more than that venues for quick marketplace updates.

Inviting a vendor's sales complaint to acquaint with a consequence guidance agenda never hurts, but if effect acquaintance were the criteria for achievement in sales, about 90% of the hatchling salespeople in North America who are about to lose their jobs would be top performers. While effect data is important, it won't turn a commonplace artist into a top producer.

What's gone astray in most of the salespeople I meet is a broad-spectrum lack of sales skill. But not often do I see sales meetings focus on beliefs salespeople how to sell more goods to accessible customers or how to access a chance who is benevolent the lion's share of his purchases to the competition.

Here are a number of ideas that will allow your sales force to leave their next sales conference with an adequate amount grenades to build up their performance:

1. Ask two or three of your top salespeople to join the executive or sales executive on a panel. Give the sales force a sufficient amount develop announcement to ascertain a number of sales obstacles they are facing and jot each of them down on a break free piece of paper. At the sales meeting, call out the difficulty and allow the panel to counter with their most effectual ideas.

2. Call three loyal customers to be there your next sales assembly and counter questions from the sales force about what army they most be glad about from a dealer and what it is about your ballet company that makes them such loyal customers.

3. Ask each peddler draw a add up to out of a hat to affect the order each merchant will award a 15-to-20-minute sales presentation on a key artifact line that the band is emphasizing. What makes this approximate in particular effectual is to capture each presentation on video. When the presentations are over, rerun the video and ask the addressees to analysis each presentation.

4. Ask each hawker to at hand to the sales force backdrop and fine points on one of his or her key prospects. Call the sales force to make suggestions as to what the peddler might do in a different way to access this account.

5. Buy a copy of the One-Minute Hawker for each dealer to read, then at the sales meeting, go about the room and ask the salespeople to tell the group what they plan to do in a different way after analysis this hardly book.

6. Herald a sales contest that will reward the sales force with a weekend absent yourself if they do a appreciable goal over a appreciable time frame. Goals could include:

? Bring in five new credit-approved customers who acquire a bare minimum of $10,000 over the next 120 days.

? Identify each salesperson's year-to-date gross margin. Convalesce character gross margin by one percentage point over the next 120 days.

? Achieve a sales goal on an importance consequence line over the next 120 days.

7. Categorize definite tribulations your company's characteristic customers normally face and come up with certain techniques to help your customers overcome them.

8. Bright idea what your circle has to offer customers in your activity that your being competitors cannot match. What sets your business apart from each of your key competitors?

Set a individual goal to make your company's sales meetings more fun and more actual in 2005.

Bill Lee is creator of Gross Margin: 26 Factors Distressing Your Floor Line. $29. 95 plus $5 S&H. All acknowledgment cards accepted. http://www. mygrossmargin. com or email blee@mygrossmargin. com


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