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10 clothes to help your big business when sales are slow all through the holidays - sales-management


Twiddling your thumbs and before you for some big business to come in? Why not use this downtime to set by hand up for larger hit in the new year? Here are my 10 picks, but you don't have to do them all. Even doing just one will get you a different rung elevated on your affair ladder.

1. Evaluate your virtual team and make changes if necessary.

Are administrative tasks compelling up most of your time and care you from functioning ON your business? Then hire a virtual assistant. (See my commentary on this topic at www. EzineQueen. com/everything. htm. ) Are you paying too much in taxes? Meet with your accountant to talk about receiving more aggressive with write-offs, or make appointments to interview new accountants. Same goes for your lawyer -- do you love him/her? If not, take this time to ask about for referrals.

2. Learn how to get more big business via your Web site.

Would you like to be in receipt of affair leads and sales 24-7? Then look at how your Web site could be running beat for you. For help in journalism copy that sells, sign up for Red Hot Copywriter Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's e-zine at www. Red-Hot-Copy. com. To get more besieged Web visitors, sign up for Marc Harty's free e-course at www. StrategicTraffic. com. It gave me tons of new ideas!

3. Overhaul your e-zine or launch an e-zine.

Remember that having a ready list of warm prospects is your goldmine, and having an e-zine positions you for more sales on a accepted basis and for the LONG-TERM. The commencement of the new year is the absolute time to announce your first issue! If you're not publishing yet, get ready with all the great free income at www. EzineQueen. com.

4. Clean out that e-mail inbox once and for all!

Unanswered e-mails, citizens to be a consequence up with, in rank not recorded or filed in the appropriate chairs --- need I say more? Erase e-mails that are more than a few months old. Set up e-mail folders to help you stay more controlled in the future. And if your agenda allows, set "rules" to certainly sort incoming e-mails into those folders.

5. Clean out your filing cabinet, bookshelf, desk, etc.

Is your administrative center a fire hazard? Do you have to crackle because of giant stacks of paper like a large rodent to find anything? Will your husband not even enter the premises? Put on some good music, start digging, and make piles. Make sure to have a lot of trash bags and cardboard file boxes on hand. (And a good glass of wine all the time makes it more fun. )

6. Upgrade or clean up your computer.

Your cpu almost certainly holds most of the in order that's crucial to your business, so take care of it! Now's a great time to do an overhaul. Upgrade your working approach (do you STILL have Windows 95?), get rid of excessive files, archive old files to CDs, add more disk space for all those downloads, and do classification maintenance. Not sure how to go about this? Find a geek-for-hire to come and help you out.

7. Let your clients know how much you are thankful for their business.

Whether it's anniversary cards or thank-you notes, this is a good apply for both your affair and you. Hire the universe know you're indebted for what you have will only bring you change for the better clothes in the future.

8. Plan an approaching teleseminar.

For a quick cash-flow boost, plan a paid teleseminar! These phone-based actions are easy to do and can be great pay generators. Each host it manually on a topic you're certified to talk about, or bid a exclusive guest to interview. To further feast signups, offer exclusive pricing for those who chronicle already the new year. (Learn how to host a flourishing teleseminar at www. EzineQueen. com/teleseminar. htm)

9. Write down your 25 best actions for this past year.

This clean apply is enormously powerful. Time goes by so cursorily that we not recall to celebrate the good equipment that happen. First I light a candle and write down my 25 accomplishments. Then, attractive each one in, I read them aloud. After the last one, I blow the candle out, and then As soon as make a list of 10 goals for the new year. (After truly acknowledging all the amazing clothes you did this year, you'll feel incredibly athletic and set even advanced goals!)

10. In fact enjoy the holidays!

Yes! I realized that for the past few years I've been consecutively about like a nut every December and abruptly the next year is here. Christmas and New Year's blaze by like a goods train, and I'm back to the grind brusquely thereafter. Where's the joy, peace, and love?

Remind by hand what the holidays are for -- to take a step back and be conscious of what you have, to enjoy your children and friends, to give to others, and to be good to yourself. So take that walk in the snow, go to that tree lighting with your kids, get that massage, and plan a laid-back shopping day at some point in the week.

Remember, we only have so many Christmases in a lifetime.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is dramatist of the award-winning manual, "Boost Affair With Your Own E-zine. " To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://EzineQueenTutorial. com/

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