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A real crm line of attack or just tracking customers? - sales-management


Exactly what is CRM

The idea itself is naught new; its roots have been about since trading began. The assumption of looking after your customers so that they come back frequently is, after all, just the basis of good trading. In an increasingly competitive ad world however, brawny consumer relationships take on an greater than ever importance. With the cost of advertising to a new client being five times the cost of promotion to an obtainable one you can't give to lose customary business.

Yes, you still want new markets, and yes, for a range of reasons customers will still disappear. The critical thing is to minimise this loss and make sure the reasons after it don't stem from a touch you are doing - or more drastically a little you are not doing.

Which is why good Patron Bond Management is vital - and why the course of action has now been refined to make it more effectual than ever.

What does CRM Involve?

In essence, building your client feel elite by accord his needs and fulfilling those needs in a own behavior which will keep him advent back for more.

Going that extra mile and on condition that advantage clear of that which was anticipated takes your patron to the next stage, where he becomes a 'raving fan' of your affair - and you can't have too many of those. Attain this and your patron out of the blue becomes part of your sales force, effective all he meets how good you are.

This can essentially be achieved exclusive of computers and software. A good reminiscence and a card index can keep track of customer's preferences and exchange patterns. Newsletter campaigns, post sale follow-ups and elite offer mailings can all be organised - given time; apart from that this is where it so often falls apart. For most companies time is the commodity in nonstop supply.

Identifying the Challenge

This is where you find the first steps into CRM. Associate Management or Individual In order Director software can give ample benefits. A folder of customers for envelope labelling, clear-cut word dealing out and calendar functions can save an giant sum of time. The hottest breed of commerce director software can do this quite efficiently crossways small groups of people, an bureau based sales team for example. So what's the point of heartbreaking to a full CRM strategy? Why not stick with a down-to-earth attend to book style associate manager?

The real cloak-and-dagger of advertising has all the time been to 'Think Buying' So believe for a moment, the clothes that annoy you as a customer:

? Promised benefit phone calls not made, and in rank not sent

? Not being conversant of feasible delays or problems

? That call to tell you when your order is ready - promised but not made.

? One branch in the business having no idea what a further area said to you in the last call or letter.

? No one bothering to call to make sure the goods arrived, or are satisfactory. Maybe no calls at all - until of choice they want to sell you amazing else

? No one deliberate what they last sold to you - or when

? No one aware an adequate amount of about you to offer you items or air force that would enhance or compliment your purchase. Normally only one character in the circle seems to know everything about you! And if they're not available??

Overcoming all this takes more than just commerce management software.

The Answer

What is looked-for is a alteration in line that extends from shop floor to boardroom. Not easy! It takes a little exceptional to initiate such a major change, but once up and consecutively the alter will feed on its own success.

The CRM clarification provides a clever but (and this is important) 'easy to use' laptop coordination which monitors all commotion with customers, in progress or potential. Phone, mail, e-mail and fax all link in. Give each in your band who deals with your customers approach to that system. Link it to word processors, the books systems, stock check and manufacturing Now you're early down the right road to achieving your critical goal - customers who befit Raving Fans.

Your In rank Bonus

The extra allowance to a circle implementing CRM, is far aloof tracking of sales and marketing activities. Rapidly it becomes easier to associate the most efficient sources of business. i. e.

? which Mailshots worked best
? which sector provides your best business
? how many leads turn into authentic sales

All this in rank makes in succession your circle so much easier. Your Sales Director will also allowance greatly from being able to see sales doings and ratios more clearly. He will maybe be the source of the most correct sales forecast you have ever seen!


So, ought to you try to apply CRM or just stick with commerce management? That depends on what you want to achieve. If your aim is to look after your customers to the best of your ability, keep those customers, and tower head and shoulders over your competitors, it has to be CRM.

The complementary is to stay with the pack and lose, on average, 50% of your customers every 5 years. Can you find the money for to do that?

Roy Gough
Alloy CRM
Helping you keep your customers away from the competition

Roy Gough has run and managed businesses for over 30 years. He has come across in finance, automotive, retail, high tech and ecommerce. He uses this awareness to help businesses to build up their sales and profitability. He presently also sells GoldMine affair commerce management software, QuoteWerks quotation management tool and Mind Executive the brainstorming and forecast tool.

His web site can be found at http://www. alloycrm. com

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