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You've maybe heard of focus groups. It's a tool that the big guys use to abruptly test a new effect or advantage or to get fast opinion from aptitude customers. Focus groups do not bestow real, actionable in rank but are great for what I call "clue hunting. " For example, I once sat because of a run of focus groups on a new camera-related product. After three focus groups, we were able to attractive well conclude there wouldn't be much of a marketplace for this distinct product, and the idea was dropped. The three focus groups almost certainly cost this supporter about $5000 vs. the hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been atrophied had they put the artifact into manufacturing.

While you may not want to hire a full-fledged bazaar do research circle to conduct a focus group for you, there is nobody to avoid you from doing your own informal focus group or groups.

How ought to you use a focus group?

I like to test new consequence ideas in focus groups (see part #1, above) or to beg ideas for new food or services. For example, assume your circle manufactures a line of pet materials - leashes, dog dishes, chew toys and the like. I think you could certainly pull all together a group of six or eight dog owners to creative idea ideas for new pet products. A good place to start is by asking, "What do you need for your dog that you can't find at the local pet store?"

Another way to advance this is get at once a group of dog or cat owners, account for the idea or advantage you've come up with, and see how they react to it. You do have to be cautious when you ask friends, what they think of your idea for the reason that associates don't want to have to look you in the face and tell you that this brilliant idea of yours if just plain awful.

If you don't mind being a a small amount aggressive, you can hang out about food that cater to the citizens whose opinions you would like and ask them if they would be eager to participate in a focus group. I've found that you customarily need to offer some reward like $25 or coupons for a free lunch or dinner. But if you ask nicely, and make sure citizens appreciate you're not demanding to see them something, you might be astonished at how many associates will say "yes. " Plus, these associates are not your friends, so they may give you better, more decent answers.

Where to hold your focus group? If you're doing a focus group with acquaintances or neighbors, you can maybe do it about your kitchen table. If you;re doing it with strangers and have a alliance room in your commerce that will hold seven to nine associates comfortably, have a focus group there. Or you ought to be able to rent a small alliance room in a hotel or motel at acceptable cost. Plan on having soft drinks for your attendees and maybe some munchies. I like to run focus group in the evening, as it can be hard to get citizens to come at some point in the day.

Naturally, your focus group ought to consist of the associates you feel are most apt to be customers for your effect or service.

How do you run a focus group? Start by asking each one to tell a a small amount about themselves - to break the ice. Next, you might ask the group to talk about some of their troubles or issues - as they communicate to your goods or services. Take the case of the running moms. Once they've introduced themselves, ask a distrust like "you're busy, almost certainly stressed out, effective hard - what bothers you the most about being a running mom?" You just might get some ideas for coming products.

Be sure to ask open-ended questions like the "what bothers you the most?" "How do you feel about that?" Don't ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. This can be the death knell of a focus group.

If you're unlucky, you will get one character who wants to dominate the conversation. This is the guy or gal who has all the answers and doesn't care about other people's opinions. If you get one of these in a focus group, you just have to take control, "Bob, we actually value your opinion, but I'd like to hear from some other members of the group. "

When you get about to introducing the creation or advantage on which you want the group's feedback, be low key. You might not even want to say that it's a little you're accepted wisdom of marketing. Instead, talk in all-purpose terms such as "I've been meeting here listening to you all and it seems to me that a creation you could use would be a (whatever). " Then eavesdrop to their responses. Try to keep the chat going with sentences like, "can you tell me more?" "What made you think of that?" "Is there whatever thing about this idea that could be misrepresented that would make it more useful?" "Are there any food like this on the market?" What do you think of them?"

And, finally, I all the time like "what do you think a artifact like this ought to cost?" This is sort of where the rubber meets the road, If your group assigns a actually low cost to your effect or benefit idea, this means they exceedingly don't have much appeal in it - no affair what they have been saying.

Don't get cynical or try to sell your idea. You might think you have just the most brilliant effect idea since the iPod, but if your group thinks the idea is certainly bad, don't argue with them. Learn a lecture about your creation and move on.

The first time you try to do a focus group, you may feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. But try a fasten and it ought to befit easier than lessening of a log. Plus, it's a cheap way to get in a row that could help you earn thousands of dollars in new sales.

Article by Douglas Hanna. Douglas is a retired marketing and marketing executive and long-time Denver resident. He is the webmaster of http://www. all-in-one-info. com, a free reserve for in sequence on a assortment of subjects. Delight visit his site to subscribe to his free newsletter, "Tips & Tricks to Save Money & Live Better. "

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