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Stop drowning: nine strategies for running your priorities - sales-management


I just got off the phone with Susan. She is a well-meaning, big-hearted, caring, helpful and creative sales manager. Susan is also exhausted.

Her day is packed with conflicting priorities, all demanding her time. She goes out on calls with her sales team, difficult to motivate and advance them; she deals with endless phone calls and e-mails and interruptions; she fights fires; launches new products; participates in cross-functional team meetings; and mediates conflicts in schedules and resources. Susan also tries to have a full life beyond work, which means big business with the children commitments, volunteering, and bookclub.

To Susan, every task is a priority, and she can't keep them in categorization and in place. She feels her life is an bring to bear in herding cats, and we all know how certainly cats pay concentration and stay in line. Susan is far from alone. The connection connecting aware what needs to be done and in point of fact accomplishing the tasks (either by by hand or by means of delegating the work to others) can be rocky. Add to this a add up to of ways we can sabotage ourselves -- counting interim as a "lone ranger", at all times aphorism yes, and focusing on consequent goals -- and we can at once get into cat-herding territory.

I've been in this fix in my opinion and I have found that it is likely to administer priorities and assert sanity. However, it takes binder and focus, and the enthusiasm to alteration some ways of operating. Below are nine strategies that can help. Any one of them could be a accurate fit or utter claptrap depending on your circumstances. These strategies are not anticipated as a one-size-fits-all recipe for supervision your priorities, but down-to-earth wake-up calls to alert you to possibilities.

1. TAKE TIME TO THINK Beforehand Adage YES

If you feel overwhelmed, buy manually some time when you are asked to add a further piece of work to your list of priorities. Don't say yes to something until you've accepted wisdom it over and analyzed how you can fit a new task or cast into your schedule.

2. Build AN Attempt FOR Production WITH INTERRUPTIONS

SET UP TIME for everyday tasks

Try to array dull times for jobs such as going by means of the mail, chatting with your staff, and answering phone calls and e-mail.

Fix clear-cut times when you would not like to be disturbed, and let your staff and colleagues know that you will only be existing for frank emergencies at some stage in those hours.

Plan a a few time to confer everyday matters with your staff and colleagues. By arrangement discussions, you avoid interrupting each other.

SET UP A PLAN for unexpected visitors

Establish at the start why they have come to see you.

Stand when they enter the room, so that they also keep on standing.

Avoid engaging in small talk.

If it's de rigueur to deal with them, advocate a later meeting, at your convenience. If possible, hold the conference in their office, and set time confines for your discussion.

If you certainly can't get them out of your office, leave the administrative center yourself.


You don't need to give in to at all shows up in the moment. Get used to asking yourself, 'Am I the right anyone for this job?' If the counter is no, state it directly. Before commitments are a valid argue for maxim no.


To deal with your workload, you need in a row about how to accomplish a distinct task and where that task fits into your association of priorities. By clarifying what's expected, you can work more efficiently.


It can be hard to admit that you need help, but you're in the best arrange to know when you can't believably accomplish everything. By asking for help, you show your compliance to give your best attempt and your aspiration to comply with all of your commitments. Bear in mind all the alternatives, appeal a conference with the fitting people, describe the situation, and converse doable solutions. Even if you are not finally comfortable with this route, you put by hand in a develop attitude when you voice your concerns.


Whenever delegating a task to a big name else is the best answer to an overload, it's crucial to hand off the task effectively. You need to give the character adequate in order to act the task according to expectations.

I've noticed that many sales managers have misconceptions about delegating, assessment that handing a task over to a big name else means absolutely charter go of control. But benevolent others a share in the conscientiousness extends authority and creates allegiance to the cause. Be in command of isn't lost; you're just leasing go of the burden of doing the whole lot yourself.


Are you sleeping well? How are you eating? What's your energy level? If these are not up to par, get a expert evaluation and take the steps that will do up your well-being and help you think clearly.


Sometimes our energy flags when we're into a archetype of delightful others or alive according to principles that are not our own. Announcement where you're being less than frank and get clear about your motives.


Stem the panic by reminding manually that in any given instant there is only one anyone to talk to, one breath to take, one thing to be done.


Declare your aim to give clothes away. Then actively look for a daily chance to allot good (not grunt) work, asking manually this question: If I agent this item to one of my staff, will the time spent up front given that guidance and aid pay off later in productivity gains, smoother functioning of the group, or in change for the better use of my time?

If the come back with is 'yes,' agent it. If it is 'no,' keep it. If you allot it, give ongoing support, spell out clear expectations, and give the abandon to do the job. That means no hovering.

Then, congratulate manually on in advance more time.

Nicki Weiss is an worldwide acclaimed Practiced Certified Sales Management Coach, Master Trainer, and workshop leader. Since 1992, Nicki has trained, certified, and/or coached more than 6,000 commerce executives, sales managers and salespeople.

Nicki guarantees augmented sales act when sales managers befit change for the better sales coaches. Sign up for her FREE monthly e-zine, Amazing for NothingTM, which has athletic tips and techniques for sales managers who are ready to make this transformation. Sign up at http://www. saleswise. ca You can email her at nicki@saleswise. ca or call 416-778-4145.

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