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As you are comprehension this sales article, read very carefully. As I wouldn't want you to think of a pig right now. No, do not think of a fat, brown, smelly pig right this moment. What are you doing? Do you have a consider of a smelly, fat, brown pig in your head right now? I brain wave I just told you not to do that. What are you doing then?

The mind can only deal with categorical statements directly. In order to administer a damaging statement, one must first construct a affirmative depiction of the destructive account in the mind. To *not* think of a pig, you first had to see a fat, brown, smelly pig. Only then could you endeavor to tell by hand not to think about it. Gee, by now despite the fact that you've by now attention of the pig, so what good is it to tell you not to?

So how does this associate to sales and persuasion? Let's think for a moment. Have you ever said amazing to a dig like this: "Don't worry about the asset of our widgets. I declare you we have the strongest widgets in the industry"? You just told the chance that there is aim to be afraid about the dilution of your widgets! This account also planted the hint that there is argue to be alarmed about the concentration of your widgets, or it resistant the belief that your widgets are weak. The expectation may have never even heard of the chance that Zebox widgets are weak. At times we get so wrapped up in our own perceptions, that we not recall what its like to be an foreigner new to our company, crop and services. Expression patterns like the above harshly abate you by needlessly diagram consideration to your weaknesses.

Words to remember: "Say it the way you want it".

Are there times when negatives are useful? Sure. Let's say you want to draw your prospect's consideration to the lengthy implementation attempt of your competitor's product. You could say "Zebox Technologies Widgets take eternally to get installed. Ours fit much faster. " This might work if you have a lot of affinity with the prospect. But if you are presenting to a group, or conversation with a big name you don't know well yet, you could annoy the hope and lose credibility all through this as the crow flies attack.

Here's a more efficient indirect idiom pattern: "So you're also in view of S Widgets? We'll don't worry about whether you can accomplish your assignment on time in 3 months. All of our widgets establish in 30 days or less. Just ask our customers. " All the way through the use of a negative, I have just raised alarm about my competitor's installation time, at the same time as highlighting how my ballet company meets their rapid installation time criterion. And I have avoided using a aim assault, plateful to argue bond and accept with my prospect.

Say it the way you want it, except a damaging is just what you need.

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Shamus Brown is a Certified Sales Coach and previous high-tech sales pro who began his career promotion for IBM. Shamus has in black and white more than 50 articles on promotion and is the designer of the accepted Credible Promotion Skills CD Audio Program. You can read more of Shamus Brown's sales tips at http://Sales-Tips. industrialEGO. com/ and you can learn more about his credible sales skills education at http://www. Persuasive-Sales-Skills. com/

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