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One word.

One very able word that can amplify both first time and recap sales to an ad nauseam degree.


What is it? Why is it so important? How do you get it?

Confidence in you from your cutomers, builds relationships and as a result, more sales, and because of exceptional patron service.

That's the short and sweet of it.

Now, how about a a small amount more meat to it.

What is trust and why is it so important?

Definition: confidence in a anyone or thing as of the qualities one perceives or seems to perceive in him or it. (Webster's)

The confidence that any visitor or capability consumer has about your business, ceremony or consequence is the foundation of acquaint with and coming success.

Before any capability consumer even enters your site for the first time, there's this underlying air of distrust. It's automatic.

Either they're new to the Internet, acknowledged a poor artifact or ceremony from a competitor or have previously been scammed a few times.

Your first acquaintance is any in some ad you located in an ezine, classified, implication board, banner, hunt engine depiction or some other form of advertising. Was it full of hype or were you frank in what your consequence or ceremony delivers?

Once that consumer enters your site and they don't see what was acknowledged in your ad. . . . . . . . . . .

goodbye, you just lost a sale and almost certainly a existence customer.

If you can't be candid in your ad, then you're pobably not going to be with your artifact or service. So, why ought to that visitor stick about only to be disappointed or scammed again? Would you?

Do you know what happens when that visitor trees your site? They email an ezine editor, friend, or leave a nasty barely post on a idea board about their not so astonishing encounter with you, and you're credibility is gone.

How do you build that trust?

Believe it or not, it's not that hard. It does take attempt and it's an ongoing process, not a touch you do once and not remember about it.

Be Honest.

The consequence of shop trust certainly shows because of here. Honesty must be at the front of your mind when you write up your ads and web site copy. In particular when that advertisement includes a bit free. Don't use free just to get visitors, your trust and credibility takes a hard nose dive when the "freebie" is junk.

Only write just what your artifact or assistance delivers and leave the hype and exageration out.

Don't Hype

I at all times skip over the ads that in point of fact assurance truckloads of money with diminutive or no effort. Come on.

BIG BOLD HEADLINES are a sure sign of hype to nth degree. Promises that are impossible, like the truckloads of cash, are constantly a big giveaway. If your consequence doesn't have it or do it, then don't agreement it.

Follow Up

If you've done the whole lot right so far and you are creation sales, don't not recall about the customer. Abide by up with a thank you letter. Add a exceptional bonus that they didn't know about. Ask them if they like your effect or service. Ask if there is everything else you can help them with.

Bottom line is, build a connection exclusive of difficult to constantly sell them something. Talk to them, not at them or down to them. Be their acquaintance and essentially help them out when they need it, if you can.

Use Testimonials on your site.

When you followed up with your customers and asked if they liked your product, then ask if you can use their annotations on your site. Of course, you'll also bring in their name, email and website address.

Testimonials build giant direct credibility. If a visitor to your site sees that there are before now satisified customers, then you consign what you say you will and you've kept in touch with that customer. Plus the name and email also keeps the visitor comfortable as they know that they can get in touch with that being to verify what they had to say was, in fact, true.

As you can see, edifice trust isn't all that hard.

Just be sincere. Be personable. Be available.

If you adhere to these few rules to help you gain trust and credibility among both your site's visitors and your peers, then you'll gain both duration customers of your consequence and days relationships with some certainly good people.

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Randy Lever is the owner of the "Complete Internet Marketing Package", Marketing Profit. Learn the ins and outs of a lucrative ad campaign. http://www. glimmersmarketing. com/marketingprofit

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