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Seven deadly sales mistakes that cost big business owners big money - and what to do about them - sales-management


1. LOOKING for a "quick fix" to close more sales - sales aren't closed, they're opened.

Solution: You must learn how to open the sale; build affinity with your prospective patron and arise an accord of their affair or of their lifestyle first. Only when you have some accepting of where they're advent from can you even hope to advocate a clarification that they will be concerned in.

For years sales trainers have been conversation about "closing the sale" and employers still broadcast for salespeople who can "answer objections and close the sale". Every week recruitment adverts arrive in newspapers in the hunt for salespeople who are "strong closers" to sell foodstuffs with high consumer demand.

OK, so if the artifact is in high demand, why do you need to be a heavy earlier to sell it? If you're using "closing" techniques that come from a guidebook with a copyright announcement more than 15 years ago, you're out of touch! Your buyer is not going to be grateful for you using any calculating tactics to get them to buy.

Would you like your accountant to be using 15-year old tax laws to do your tax return?

2. DECEPTIVE PROSPECTING TACTICS - don't sound like a bad exchange ideas marketer.

Solution: ahead of you call a ability new buyer, care about what their answer to your call might be. Associates are busy today so business to ask if you can drop by for a chat or to talk about a mystery is pointless. Why must a big cheese give up their time if they accept as true you can do a touch for them?

What are you going to say that will cause them to stop their in progress train of thought, stop what they're doing and open their diary to enter a appointment with you. You will need to spend some time forecast what to say. What you have to do is categorize the key creation reimbursement that will apply to this buyer already you call and then use those profit in your chat in order to gain the appointment.

3. NOT Exactly IDENTIFYING PROSPECTS - don't difficulty advertising to folk who don't need what you sell.

Solution: advance a buyer profile; know who is expected to want what you sell and what their business deal with is. Categorize the key being or ancestors and look to give answers to their wants and needs. If you can't reach the key person, whoever you can reach has to be converted into your ally or advocate. Talk in their terms!

4. FOCUSING ON THE Creation NOT THE Consumer - what they're import is the sputter not the sausage.

Solution: learn to talk about reimbursement and what that charity performance will do to ease their pain or solve their problem; how it will make or save them money. To do this you must be able to communicate how each appearance of the lot you sell reimbursement the customer.

If citizens at once grasp the idea and payback of your business, it's careful to be infectious. Do colonize nod calculatingly as you express your company's foodstuffs or services, or do they look puzzled and briefly absolve themselves? If it's the latter, you're not promotion benefits.

5. TALKING, NOT LISTENING - how can you pay attention when you're talking?

Solution: You must learn to ask questions - use open, blocked and "tell me about ?" to assemble in rank and look for pain! Or else you're frustrating to "convince" - who wants to be convinced? Definite to get claw-backs. Effectively you're being paid into a struggle with the client and this is a struggle you'll never win.

6. IGNORING THE Client ONCE THE SALE IS MADE - forgetting service, and back-end affair opportunities. (Back-end affair is the affair you engender from a client after you've made the first sale to them. )

Solution: you must be au fait with the days value of a customer. Take two clean examples: The men's hair salon (OK - Barber's Shop) I go to once a month. Over 15 years, that's a total of 180 haircuts; so over ten years I've spent over $2,500.

My Optometrist. My wife and I both wear glasses and over the same ten year age we've averaged one pair of glasses each per year. I guess we've spent over $5,000 with our Optometrist in that time. Plus my care for and my sister shop there.

My point? They've formed close to $8,000 in affair from my ancestors alone, not to cite the dozens of referrals we've generated for them.

What value is your patron worth in revenue and referrals over five or ten years?

7. IGNORING TESTIMONIALS AND REFERRALS. In other words, at all times using cold prospecting techniques to find new clients.

Solution: acquire "warm" enquiries and leads. New affair can come from a category of sources:

Cold calls Advertising together with Address Mail and the Internet Loose good word groups like the drill P&F, family, friends Tight citation groups such as recommendation clubs and affair associations.

Develop a medical appointment plan for your business. Try a "customer loyalty" chart such as get one free after paying for five. Offer customers entry into prize draws for referring new customers. I know of a hairdresser who buys you feast at the Hilton for introducing 5 clients.

I know I said seven mistakes but let me make just one more observation?

I often see businesses spend huge sums of money on marketing - brochures, adverts, aim mail etc as their belief is that if they augment their enquiry rate, they will make more sales. That only works if their salespeople are adept of converting those enquiries into business.

Before you spend money on marketing in the challenge to gain more sales, bear in mind how many sales opportunities you'll miss if your staff can't change the extra leads you breed into business.

Wouldn't you be advance to invest in some class education to make sure you appreciably better your conversion rate? After all, a missed sales is a sale for your competitor?

© James Yuille, Brisbane, Australia, 2004.

About the author:

James Yuille is a sales and marketing consultant and instructor with over 32 years experience. He is based in Brisbane, Australia. His free weekly sales and marketing newsletter provides topical in a row for commerce owners and salespeople. Find out more at http://www. jamesyuille. com


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