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Sales marketing: 12 sneaky tricks to help you outperform your battle - sales-management


Business can be like war sometimes.

You may have to fight hard to survive.

The winner takes all.

But that doesn't mean you have to annihilate your competition in order to continue and win.

But you can do one smart thing: sell more than them, with a few smart tricks I will bring to light below.

One of the tricks to outperform your battle is to compare your creation to theirs.

When you find the differences among products, use your findings to better your product.

Below are 12 clothes you can compare and build up upon to outperform your competition.

1. Price- Can you offer a lower price? Can you offer a privileged price and amplify the perceived value of your product? Do you offer easier payment options than your competition?

2. Packaging- Can you box your creation more attractively? Do the insignia of your container communicate to your product? Can you container your artifact into a less significant or better package?

3. Delivery- Can you gift cheaper shipping? Do you have a high an adequate amount of profit margin to offer free shipping? Can you ship your crop faster?

4. Benefits- Can you offer more remuneration than your competition? Are your reimbursement stronger? Do you have believable proof that wires your claims?

5. Quality- Is your creation built and veteran to last longer than your competition? Can you build up the overall class of your product?

6. Performance- Can you make your artifact faster at solving your customers problem? Is your product easier to use than your competitions?

7. Features- Can you offer more consequence features than your competition? Do your skin texture aid the benefits you offer?

8. Availability- Is your creation at all times accessible or do your have to backorder it? Can your product suppliers drop ship to your customers?

9. Extras- Do you provided free bonuses when your customers buy your product? Are your bonuses more valuable than your competitions?

10. Service- Do you offer your customers free 24 hour patron service? Can you endow with free product repair? Does your contest make their customers talk to a machine?

11. Proof- Can you afford more proof than your competition that your artifact is reliable? Can you provide stronger testimonials or endorsements?

12 Guarantees- Do you have a stronger guarantee than your competition? Do you offer warranties with your product? Do you bestow an easier come again policy?


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