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The Cash to Cash Cycle
Part Three of Series

We're sprinting about that million cash mark. . . and we're only a combine strides away?

Decreasing account conceded us over the first hurdle, and last week dipping Financial records Receivable sped us all the way through the half-way mark. We're assembly great time, so let's bring on the next mile marker - marketing and sales.

Increasing General Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

If you are an business expenditure $500,000 or more on marketing expenses (e. g. advertising, trade shows, print materials, address mail, etc. ) then STOP! We found it again. Why you ask?? Since marketing has the best capability of being very unproductive. In fact, many marketing programs struggle to break even, and in reality commonly lose money. So if we add to the by and large effectiveness, then we can eliminate 50% or more of your done in marketing efforts, which translates into $250,000 in cash.

So now, let's see how this in fact works in a real-life scenario.

Sales and Marketing Ballet company Guidelines Case Study

An company with $500,000 in marketing expenses looked-for assistance. We examined their sales and marketing administer to be au fait with and compute the lead flow, follow-up, and call forecasting issues. Then we considered and implemented a course to build up their sales cycle efficiency and tie it faster to their customer's import cycles. After the marketing reductions, we then reinvested $100,000 back into new processes for civic relations and Client Association Management (CRM), both of which were agony badly.

The metrics we urban abridged their marketing expenses by 60% general and bigger their sales cycle efficiency from 40% to 60% contained by 6 months of implementing the new procedures. With these new processes and reports, the band now tracks sales cycle efficiency and life-time value considerably than just sales quota achievement, as the amount of their sales & marketing effectiveness. The result: an extra $300,000 in cash plus a 50% add to in course capability (capacity).

As we have seen time and time again, time can be our best friend, if only we let it.

Methods to Blueprint the New Sales & Marketing Process

? Improve Follow-up. Only about two percent (2%) of sales occur on the first contact. Eighty percent (80%) of sales will demand five to eight contacts ahead of the sale closes. This means that if you are contacting the expectation less than five times or more than eight times, then you could have a catch with follow-up.

? Sales Cycle Efficiency. Time kills deals. The speed at which a hope is converted into a consumer and the come to of prospects mandatory to make that conversion determines your sales cycle efficiency. So ask yourself, are you compelling the right steps to calculate and cut down lost sales?

? Life-Time Value. How profitable a given patron is over time defines your LTV or Life-Time Value. Companies spend ten times more to attain a consumer than to keep a customer. However, accessible customers are more liable to acquisition again, spend more money, and consequently befit more profitable. If you don't know your LTV, then how do you know how much money to spend and on which buyer segment?

? Demand Forecasting. Every buyer buys on a cycle. So this means that you be supposed to track cycle times and variance to amplify the correctness of your forecasting and the devotion of the customer. Do you know when your customers need to reorder?

? Improve Lead Quality. Do you have methods in place to calculate the conversion capability of each lead? Lead cohort tricks (i. e. forms) be supposed to pre-qualify every new lead so that you can take the right follow-up events for the marketing offer. Beefy leads churn out beefy sales.

? Increase Awareness. To keep the sales pipeline full of good characteristic leads you must ad infinitum amplify the awareness of your business and the solutions that it provides. Broadcast relations is more competent at house awareness than advertising, yet many companies spend wildly on promotion and trade shows while neglecting to fund community relations pains much at all. Augment your name recognition, not your budget.

? Reduce Discounting. Discounts act for deficiencies in the sales & marketing processes, which means that you must use them sparingly. Instead, agree on the root cause and then fix the deal with that's causing the need to discount. Show customers the added value, and they won't focus on price.

? Train Personnel. Give your sales & marketing personnel with consistent conventional training. This will arm them with beat consequence knowledge, as well as presentation, negotiating and promotion skills that will convalesce effectiveness. This will boost both member of staff self-confidence and the base line - a win-win.

Be in command of of Sales and Marketing Guidelines and Procedures

Improve your sales cycle efficiency. Cut down your marketing expenses. Tie it faster to your customer's business cycles. And take be in charge of of your sales and marketing curriculum to let it work for you.

Improvement with Well-defined Policies and Procedures

With well-defined processes and procedures in place, you will add to efficiency by dipping ineffective sales and marketing programs. And, again, we make such improvements to construct more cash on hand - all for that million cash goal and to cross the bring to an end line.

Next week, we will fly over the final $250,000 mark with the Accounting Payables behave - so close you can see it.

Chris Anderson is now the running chief of Bizmanualz, Inc. and co-author of policies and procedures manuals, producing the layout, administer aim and implementation to augment performance. To learn how to augment your big business performance, visit: Bizmanualz, Inc.

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